The Politicization of Science: A Conversation with Dorian Abbot, Anna Krylov, David Romps, and Bernhardt Trout

How are hiring and admissions decisions made in the hard sciences if not by merit? What are the risks of allowing science to be politicized? Professors Dorian Abbot (University of Chicago), Anna Krylov (University of Southern California), David Romps (University of California, Berkeley), and Bernhardt Trout (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), join the show to answer these questions and others. 


Dorian Abbot on "The Views That Made Me Persona Non Grata at MIT": 

MIT poll on free speech: 

Why the Latest Campus Cancellation Is Different (The Atlantic): 

What Does a University Owe Democracy? (The New York Times): 

Jonathan Rauch on "The Constitution of Knowledge": 

Campaign to adopt the Chicago Principles at MIT: 


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